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The abortion pill Generic RU486 was first certified to use in process of termination in France. The pill is also known as Mifegyne there. Many women buy the Generic RU486 pills online for abortion. It is used in combination with Misoprostol for the successful termination of the process. Since Generic RU486 is in use over 5 million women in twenty countries reported that they used it successfully for medication abortion. The Generic RU486 has also been found beneficial in several other clinical studies.

For termination of pregnancy at home, women can buy Generic RU486 online , it is an anti-progesterone tablet. This process does not require the expertise of surgeons, extraction of pregnancy cells from the womb with surgical instruments, or anesthesia. At our store, the Generic RU486 cost is minimal which every person can afford. To purchase the Generic RU486 online and get it delivered, a woman needs to be above the age of 18.